Complicatiile in epilarea laser in Dermatologic Therapy (Wiley)

Ieri (06.05.2020) articolul nostru referitor la complicatiile in epilarea laser si metode de preventie a acestora a fost publicat in revista Dermatologic Therapy (indexata ISI cu un factor de impact de 1.74) sub numele “Complications of Laser Hair Removal ‐ How We Could Reduce Them?“.

Din abstract:

Laser Hair Removal (LHR) became a very popular intervention, with a permanently increasing number of procedures being performed worldwide. The procedure is often performed by non‐medical personnel, and even by untrained personnel, that could be associated with different kind of adverse events, from mild to serious. The complications associated could be lower if the operators understand the basic of laser physics and the working principles of devices. We propose a simple acronym, WATCH, in order to increase the safety and efficiency of laser interventions.

Gabriel, C.V., Cristiana, V., Elena, B., Mihai, L. and Laurentiu, T.A. (2020), Complications of Laser Hair Removal ‐ How We Could Reduce Them?. Dermatologic Therapy. Accepted Author Manuscript. doi:10.1111/dth.13518

Materialul rezuma, intr-un mod concis si interesant, cele mai frecvente complicatii in epilarea laser si propune acronimul WATCH ca modalitate pentru imbunatatirea rezultatelor acestei proceduri dermato-estetice.

Recomandarea mea personala este ca, atunci cand decideti sa va supuneti acestei proceduri, sa apelati la ajutorul unui medic dermatolog, intr-o clinica medicala. Astfel puteti evita complicatii nedorite, nervi si timp pierdut.